Foam Rolling – what exactly does it do?

Posted on 18. Oct, 2013 in Fitness Journey

Do you or have you used a foam roller?  I started doing this a couple months a go. I’m not gonna lie – it hurts particularly when you first start.  From what I know think of it as ironing out the wrinkles in your muscles. Wish it did that for my skin too!!  It smooths and lengthens your muscles, and breaks up adhesions and scar tissue.  Another benefit is that it helps your muscles relax by activating the sensory receptors connecting your muscle fibers to your tendons. The net effect is better blood circulation, which in turn speeds workout recovery and boosts performance.  If you hit a sore spot, you’re supposed to hold it there for 15 to 30 seconds. This is not easy but over time you’re able to hold it there longer. This is a tight area that needs special attention. For me it’s my quads.  I go through a sequence similar to what is shown below. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to reap the benefit. I vary when I do this but I’ve heard it is best after a workout followed by a static stretch of the muscle.  This helps your muscles return to the proper length and recover even faster because it can prevent the buildup of scar tissue.

Tell me what you think – did it help you?foam roller

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